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Brown Bear: the King of the taiga - From 1 April to 31 October 2017
Brown Bear: the King of the taiga
Brown Bear, Wolverine and Wolf watching travel
Viiksimo in Kuhmo, is located in peaceful surroundings next to Russian border, is one of the places in Finland to see and photograp Brown Bears in its natural habitation.
During the night we have good chance to see and photograph Wolves and Bears. With good luck we might also see Wolverine and Golden Eagle. There is one large hide for 12 people and small photography hides for people who want better pictures. The large hide is comfortable with 12 seats and photography holes, bunk beds and dry toilet. The photography hides are for 2 people each. Each hide has 4 photographing holes to the front and one for both sides.
The largest beluga's migration in the World - 7 days of trip between 1st July – 31st August 2017
The largest beluga's migration in the World
Trip to watch Belugas in the northern Manitoba’s Hudson Bay, Canada
This trip takes us to Churchill, a town at the northern coast of Manitoba in Canada, the Polar Bear capital and the home to the world’s largest population of beluga whales.
As a matter of fact, more than 57,000 beluga whales patrol the arctic and sub-arctic waters around the Hudson Bay each summer.
Tracking the Nanoq footsteps: The Arctic King
Snowmobile expedition in mythical Northwest Passage to watch and photograph polar bears with an Inuit guide

400 Kilometers of snowmobile crossing through the key point of the legendary Northwest Passage in northern Canada. Guided by an experienced Inuit, who was born in an igloo, we will cross the frozen Barrow and Lancaster Straits. A frozen ice sea zone where pressure ridges and plains of ice follow one after other.

Watching Polar Bears in Canada - 6 days of trip between 6th October - 20th November 2017
Watching Polar Bears in Canada
Travel by vehicle adapted to the tundra to watch and photograph Polar Bears
The Tundra vehicle is without doubt one of the best options available in the Arctic for watching, photographing and filming Polar Bears in the wild. From morning till night we are in its environment, in the middle of the Arctic tundra, in an endless winter...