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To the northernmost village in the world by dogsled
To the northernmost village in the world by dogsled
To the northernmost village in the world by dogsled
To the northernmost village in the world by dogsled
To the northernmost village in the world by dogsled
To the northernmost village in the world by dogsled
Journey in a traditional way guided by Inuit hunters in northern Greenland
A 300 Kilometres  journey by dogsled in the remote region of Thule reaching Siorapaluk, the most northerly village in the world inhabited naturally. A trip through chaotic ice, sea ice, glaciers, fjords, icebergs. Visit picturesque Inuit villages whose inhabitants still retain many of their ancestral customs and lifestyle.
Accompanied by Inuit hunters born in this region, the crossing by dogsled will pass over zones of frozen sea ice, where hundreds of icebergs, that flow freely in summer, now are still trapped by the frozen sea. The whole route runs along a abrupt coastline of rugged mountains and glacier tongues that follows one another without end, and where the chaotic of the frozen sea consists a landscape of spectacular beauty.

Throughout the route, the Inuit will go hunting seals and walruses to feed the dogs. These magnificent hunters are descendants of the Eskimos who helped Peary in the early twentieth century to conquer the Geographic North Pole and are considered the best travelers in polar history.

Inuit villages will be visited, as almost nearly abandoned Qeqertarsuaq, or Siorapaluk which is the northernmost village in the world or Qeqertaq where in summer its inhabitants still hunt narwhals harpooning them from a kayak. We will sleep in tents, huts or Inuit homes.

A journey where you can recall how was the life of ancient Inuit, that on the basics, has hardly changed. The trip represents a unique opportunity to experience the eternal Arctic of the turn of the century in which man alone with his dogs and his skills as a hunter might face the most hostile nature in their daily live. We will live with the last descendants of the proud and strong Inuhuit, the "Great men".
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Day 1
Flight to Copenhagen. Overnight at hotel.

Day 2
Flight Copenhagen - Kangerlussuaq - Ilulissat. Night in appartment or local house.

Day 3
Flight Ilulissat to Qaanaaq, a village of 600 inhabitants, that is the capital of the Thule district, located at the entrance of Inglefield Fjord at 77 º 30 'north latitude. Preparation of personal equipment for the voyage. Preparation of group equipment with Inuit hunters who will accompany us on the journey. Overnight at hotel.

Day 4
Load all gear, food, fuel and equipment on sleds. Beginning of the journey towards the bottom of Inglefield Fjord. We will skirt Prudhoe Land, a coastline with spectacular cliffs as the Cliff Castle, glacier front faces as the Hubbard Glacier. Overnight in tent on the frozen sea.

Day 5
Dogsleding to the bottom of Inglefield Fjord up to the Hart Glacier. A place where seals frolic under the sun next to their breath holes in the ice. Then we will head to the rugged island of Josephine Peary, named after the wife of the famous and controversial conquering of the North Pole, Robert Peary. In our view we will be see huge glacier tongues as Tracy Glacier or Heilprin Glacier. From there we will go to the town of Qeqertaq. This small Inuit settlement of about 12 people is located in a bay where every summer a narwhals migrate through their waters. the Qeqertaq Inuit still hunt the narwhal as for thousands of years: with spear from a kayak. Night in local house.
Day 6
Dogsledding to the opposite shore of Inglefield fjord up to the entrance of the Olrik, a very long and narrow fiord. Overnight in tent on the ice sea or in one of the huts that the hunters set along the coast.

Day 7
Dogsledding to the small village, almost abandoned, of Qeqertarssuaq that is situated on a large island called Herbert Island. Overnight in hut.

Day 8
Route by dogsled through the Murchison Sound, a bay at the entrance of the Qaanaaq fiord and that leads to the ice pack located offshore, where we will find areas of chaotic ice, icebergs trapped in the ice, etc. Near there is a polynia or sea area that never freezes and is rich in Arctic wildlife including seals, walruses, etc. Arrival in Siorapaluk, the northernmost village of the world where they left many of the mythical polar explorations, such as the Peary to the Geographic North Pole in 1909. Night in local houses in this village of 60 Inuit inhabitans.
Day 9
Day of rest and or margin in Siorapaluk for delays due to weather conditions, where we can do some hiking around, as long as snow and weather conditions permit, or simply enjoy the company of "northernmost inhabitants" the world.

Day 10
Dogsledding back to Qaanaaq through the Robertson and Mac Cormic Fiords and reaching the Cleveland Cape, the west tip of the Piulip Nuna island where is placed Qaanaaq. Overnight at hotel.

Day 11
Day of rest and / or  margin in Qaanaq for delays due to weather conditions where we will be able to do some hiking around, visit the town, the museum, buy handicrafts. Overnight at hotel.

Day 12
Flight Qaanaaq - Ilulissat. Overnight in appartment or local house.

Day 13
Flight Ilulissat - Kangerlussuaq - Copenhagen. Night at hotel.

Day 14
Flight Copenhagen - home.


- This trip is subject to change on the ground due to the changing ice conditions at this time of year, and also because of unpredictable weather, so the itinerary is for guidance only.
- Trip not recommended for people with back problems.


April 2017



120 Days before


30% of the trip price excluding flight tickets and air taxes.


4 People


- 1 Inuit guides per traveler.
- 1 Arctic World guide.
- 3 Nights hotel in Qaanaaq in double room.
- 2 Nights hotel in Copenhagen in double room.
- 2 Nights in Ilulissat in appartment or local house in double room.
- All meals in Qaanaaq and during the dogsled trip.
- Rental of specific polar equipment during the trip.
- Insurance
- 1 Piece of baggage of 15 kilogrames as a personal luggage.


- Flight to Qaanaaq (round trip).
- Air taxes.
- Meals in Copenhagen and Ilulissat, except breakfasts according to the program trip.
- Extra nights of accommodation and meals due to delays because of weather conditions, strikes at airports and any other cause beyond the Arctic World.
- Costs of air excess weight in personal baggage.



- Group from 4 to 8 people.

- During the route each traveller will be with a Inuit guide in a dogsled. So the group will consisting of between 5 and 9 dogsleds with more than 100 dogs for the group. The journey will be in total autonomy without any snowmobile supporting the group. Traveling almost exactly as it was 100 years ago.

- Although we have food for humans, the Inuit will go hunting during the route to supplement the dog food, as is the traditional method.
- Due to severe limitations on aircraft weight and dogsleds, it is important not to carry as personal baggage over 15 kilos per person.



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