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Akshayuk Pass trekking
Akshayuk Pass trekking
Akshayuk Pass trekking
Akshayuk Pass trekking
Akshayuk Pass trekking
Akshayuk Pass trekking
One of the most spectacular treks in the world.
Route through the defile where are the most vertical mountain walls of the Arctic. We will walk under Mount Thor over 1 kilometre of granite wall. This mountain has the wall with the largest vertical sheer drop on earth. Visit the gargantuan stony double-cylinder of Mount Asgard, considered one of the best views in North America. There it was shot a spectacular scene of James Bond, "007 agent" movie. We'll see hanging glaciers, Inuit villages, floating icebergs, deep fjords, northern lights, etc.

During our journey we will pass at the foot of Mount Thor, the God of Thunder, with a 1 km vertical wall, we will climb a single glacier to visit the base of the gargantuan double cylinder granite wall of Mount Asgard and we will marvel at the stunning Mount Odin, the father of all Gods Vikings ...

The point of entry to the defile is through the small village of Pangnirtung, where Inuit live with equal ease Western life and the traditional Inuit way of life. To achieve the Akshayuk Pass we will sail on a local boat on the fjord of the same name in Cumberland Bay until reaching the "Pass." During the approach is likely to see seals and other arctic wildlife.

Besides the impressive walls that mark the route, along the way will be "escorted" by hanging glaciers, waterfalls, lakes in pure state, moraines that appear to have been driven by giants, and at the distance, we will see a true polar cap, the Penny Ice Cap. On clear nights there are many chances to see northern lights, the most impressive light phenomenon of nature.

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Day 1
Flight to Ottawa. Overnight at hotel.

Day 2
Flight Ottawa - Pangnirtung. Night in Inuit local house.

Day 3
Preparation of equipment and gear. Free time to visit the town of Pangnirtung. Overnight in Inuit local homes.

Day 4
Sailing in local boating along the Pangnirtung Fjord to the entrance of the defile located about 30 kilometres from town. Hike to the Crater Lake, a glacial moraine in the interior of which has formed a lake. Durante la marcha veremos el Tirowa Peak y la pirámide de granito conocida como el Castillo de Arena. During the march we will see the Tirowa Peak and a granite pyramid known as the Sand Castle. Overnight in tent.

Day 5
Way to the base of the great wall of Mount Thor. During the march we will pass under the magnificent Mount Odin, the Peak Mjolnir (Thor God's Hammer), the looming Northumbria peak, and spectacular hanging glaciers. Overnight in tent.

Day 6
Climb to the Summint lake walking along the Weasel river. From this lake  we will made out the precious Bredablik peak whose wall looks like a great book rolled and also we will have a side view of Mount Thor where we will appreciate its drop angle, whose average is 105.This immense mountain seems to be falling any time now ... Overnight in tent.

Day 7
Travel to the shores of Summit and Glacier lakes flanked by a multitude of moraines and glaciers. Overnight in tent.

Day 8
Climbing the Turner glacier to reach the foot of Mount Asgard, considered one of the best views in North America. We will continue along the Parade glacier to camp between Mount Asgard and Mount Freya, another large granite wall of the "Pass." Overnight in tent.

Day 9
Walk down the Caribou glacier to Summit lake, leaving behind us the monolithic Mount Asgard. Overnight in tent.

Day 10
Return to the base of Mount Thor along the Weasel riverbank. Overnight in tent.

Day 11
Walk to Windy Lake. Views of the beautiful waterfalls of the Weasel River. Overnight in tent.

Day 12
March up to Overlord, the end of the crossing, located at the bottom of the fjord. Overnight in tent.

Day 13
Sailing in local boat to the town of Pangnirtung. Overnight in Inuit local homes.

Day 14
Margin day just in case of weather delays. Free day in Pangnirtung. Night in Inuit homes.

Day 15
Flight Pangnirtung - Ottawa. Overnight at hotel.

Day 16
Flight Ottawa - home.
Day 17
Arrival at home for those travellers who live in countries with great time difference with East Canada.


This trip is subject to change on the ground due to the changing of ice conditions, rivers, moraines, glaciers, etc. and also due to the unpredictability of the weather. So, the itinerary is for guidance only.


September 2022




Before 90 days of the trip: 50% of the trip price + flights. After 90 days: 100% + flights


6 People


- 1 Guide Arctic World.
- 2 Nights hotel in Ottawa.
- 4 Nights accommodation in Inuit local houses in Pangnirtung.
- Transfer by local boat from Pangnirtung to the entrance of the Akshayuk Pass and return at the end of the trek.
- All meals at Pangnirtung and during the trek.
- Specific polar equipment rental during the trip.
- Insurance.
- 1 Piece of baggage of 12 kilogrames as a personal luggage.


- Flight to Ottawa (and return).
- Flight Ottawa - Pangnirtung (and return).
- Air taxes.
- Meals in Ottawa.
- Meals on transfers and airports.
- Extra accommodation nights and extra meals in Ottawa, Pangnirtung and Iqaluit because of delays due to weather conditions, strikes at airports and any other causes beyond the Arctic World.
- Costs of air excess weight in personal baggage.



- Group of 6 to 12 people.
- Due to severe limitations on weight in aircraft flights, it is important not to carry as personal baggage more than 12 kilogrames per person.



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