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Incentive trip in Canada - Tracking the footsteps of the Arctic King
The only hotel in the world on a frozen sea
Trip by snowmobile through the legendary Northwest Passage in Canada to watch and photograph polar bears with Inuit guides. Using as a base a hotel built specifically for this trip on the frozen sea, we will travel by snowmobile in the key point of the mythical Northwest Passage. Guided by experienced Inuit, some of whom were born in igloos, we will cross the frozen Barrow and Lancaster straits. A frozen ice sea area where pressure ridges and plains of ice mix.
Incentive trip in Greenland - The Arctic pearl
Travel by boat, helicopter and on foot through the major fjords of southern Greenland
Inuit people, whales, seals, hot springs, icebergs, glaciers, Inuit and Viking ruins, etc. Greenland is an unknown destination outside of conventional circuits, which makes it an excellent destination for an incentive trip. It is an exotic and original country with which to surprise even the most seasoned travelers.
Incentive trip in Iceland - The island of ice and fire
The place on Earth most similar to the Moon
When Neil Armstrong, the first man who set foot on the Moon, left the Eagle lunar module, the landscape appeared before his eyes had have been familiar. Not in vain the crew of the Apollo XI spacecraft were training in Iceland for his uncanny resemblance to the lunar surface. There is no place on earth where the powerful forces of nature are more present than here: volcanoes, geysers, lava deserts, waterfalls, glaciers, hot springs, craters and cliffs cohabit with surprising harmony.
Incentive trip in Lapland - Adventure under the Northern Lights - January, February, March and early April
Incentive trip in Lapland -  Adventure under the Northern Lights
Winter Lapland with an expert polar explorer
This trip is ideal for anyone, no matter her or his age or physical condition, to discover the winter Arctic in all its fullness. Sailing in an icebreaker ship, driving snowmobiles on a frozen sea, going into boreal forests by dogsled, visiting Santa Claus and his village, have fun at the "Lappish Olympics", swimming with a thermal and waterproof suit in the frigid Baltic Sea, etc. All this in complete safety thanks to the supervision of Jose Naranjo, a polar explorer who will accompany us during the trip. Six days full of nature, adventure, magic and... luck!