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Akshayuk Pass trekking - September 2022
Akshayuk Pass trekking
One of the most spectacular treks in the world.
Route through the defile where are the most vertical mountain walls of the Arctic. We will walk under Mount Thor over 1 kilometre of granite wall. This mountain has the wall with the largest vertical sheer drop on earth. Visit the gargantuan stony double-cylinder of Mount Asgard, considered one of the best views in North America. There it was shot a spectacular scene of James Bond, "007 agent" movie. We'll see hanging glaciers, Inuit villages, floating icebergs, deep fjords, northern lights, etc.
Canoeing on the lake of Sami people.
Canoe trip on largest lake in Lapland
Canoe journey among thousands of islands that dot the Inari lake. The Europe's largest wilderness area. Visit picturesque Lappish villages, camping in leafy boreal forests, arctic wildlife watching, visit the holy island of the Samis, centuries-old wooden Orthodox churches, Aurora Borealis, etc.
Journey on the Ice Planet
Easy walking tour in the Greenland icecap

There is no better way to know this unfathomable territory than doing a simple route, overnight in a tent on the second largest ice mass on the planet, away from any concern, in complete silence, broken only occasionally by the roar of icebergs smashing in the distance.

Lapland winter adventure tour - From 4 January to 2 April 2022
Lapland winter adventure tour
Travel to learn Polar survival techniques and practice exciting Arctic sports
Lapland trip for adventure and nature lovers. You will stay in the area of Pyhä-Luosto National Park, the oldest National Park of Lapland, which is located over 100 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle.
Ski crossing on the frozen Baltic Sea
Introduction to the polar travel in Lapland.
Trip ideal to have a first contact with the wintery Arctic. Seven days of walking on skis near the Arctic Circle. During the voyage we will sleep in snow shelters, tents or huts, learning to live at 30 degrees below zero in a place where the Northern Lights are not an isolated phenomenon.
Ski crossing on the Inari lake
Ski winter crossing on the largest lake in Lapland
The Inari lake with its 1,000 square kilometers and more than 3,000 islands is one of the wildest and most beautiful landscapes of Lapland. Starting from a place near the small town of Ivalo, located at the southern end of the lake, day after day, we will move forward navigating among the islands, sleeping in tents and log cabins, to reach our destination, the northern settlement of Sevettijärvi.