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By boat into the longest fjord in the world
By boat into the longest fjord in the world
By boat into the longest fjord in the world
By boat into the longest fjord in the world
By boat into the longest fjord in the world
By boat into the longest fjord in the world
Navigation in the remote and isolated east coast of Greenland

Boat trip from Iceland to Scorebysund, the fjords network more complex and longest on the planet. Crossing the Denmark Strait where you can see whales, dolphins and seabirds. In Scorebysund fjord are mixed indomitable glaciers with building-size icebergs, barren tundra, etc.

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Day 1
Flight to Reykjavik. Accommodation in hotel.

Day 2
Presentation of the trip participants at the sea harbour of Keflavik. Transfer to the boat and accommodation. Talk to know the crew and guides as well as a brief presentation of the travel program and safety standards by Jose Naranjo. Guided tour of the boat by crew and guides. Ship's departure from the harbour and start of navigation which will skirt the west coast of Iceland heading to the north.

Arrival at the southwestern tip of the Snaefellsnes peninsula where we will disembark for a short excursion to the volcano Snaefellsjokull, the place where the protagonists of the novel by Jules Verne "Journey to the Center of the Earth" were introduced to try to access the heart of the planet.  Back to the boat and continued sailing along the west coast of Iceland towards Bjargtangar, the westernmost point of Iceland and Europe. Dinner on board. During the night the ship will continue sailing to Straumnes, the northwest corner of Iceland.

Day 3
Arrival in Straumnes and starting of the oceanic crossing through the Denmark Strait towards Scorebysund in the east coast of Greenland. Good chance to see blue whales (Balaenoptera musculus), the largest mammal that have lived on the planet and which comes to the Denmark Strait to feed in the summer months. Opportunity to see orcas and other whale species. Party to celebrate the crossing of the Arctic Circle.
Arrival at the east coast of Greenland around Blosseville Kyst where if weather conditions permit we will see the massif of Mount Gunnbjorn with its 3,693 meters high is the highest peak in Greenland and the Arctic. After sailing along the rugged Kyst Blossville coast heading north to Scorebysund.

Day 4
Disembark at the Barclay Bay for a relaxing shore excursion on the Greenlandic land. Back to the boat and sailing north along the coast of Blosseville. Arrival at Kap Brewster with its huge cliffs is situated in the southern end entrance of the long fjord Scorebysund. A good place to see seals.  Crossing the mouth of the Scorebysund fjord. Arrival in Unarteq at the northern end entrance of the long fjord Scorebysund.

Day 5
Sailing the southern boundary of the Greenland Sea along the coast of Liverpool Land where we will pass in front of populated islands of seabirds as the Immikkeertikajik island. Landing on the Island of Appalik (Raffles) where there are densely populated colonies of seabirds. Boarding and sailing south to Scorebysund.

Day 6
Entry into the Scorebysund  fjord and navigation into the great fjord, where we can find gigantic icebergs even more than 100 meters high and a kilometer long, towards the Nordvestfjord, the longest fjord in the world.

Day 7
Nordvestfjord Entry into the Nordvestfjord, the longest fjord in the world.

Day 8
Arrival at the bottom of Nordvestfjord where we can contemplate the Land of Charcot and glaciers falling into the sea as Daugaard Jensen. Disembark at the farthest point of the fjord where you can admire one of the most inaccessible parts of the planet. Back to the boat and return to Scoresbysund Bay along the Nordvestfjord.

Day 9
Way out of the Nordvestjord and Scorebysund crossing towards the coast of Volquart Boon. Arrival in the island of Danmark in Milne Land where we will disembark to visit the remains of an Inuit settlement abandoned over 200 years. Back to the boat and sailing into the Vikingebugt bay.

Day 10
Arrival in Vikingebugt, a quiet bay surrounded by basaltic mountains where we can watch the Bredegletscher glacier front. Then we will follow sailing along the rugged coast of Volquart Boon, a perfect place to see narwhals.

Day 11
Arrival in Brewster cape at the southern entrance of Scorebysund. Sailing towards Unarteq in Kap Tobin in the northern extreme of the entrance of Scorebysund. Arrival at the north end of the fjord entrance Scorebysund. Disembark and visit the hot springs of Kap Tobin, the highest temperature of all thermal waters in Greenland (about 62 º C). In Kap Tobin is located the uninhabited  village of Unarteq, although sometimes Ittoqqortoormiit residents staying in the summer in some of the abandoned houses. Boarding and navigation  to Ittoqqortoormiit.

Day 12
Arrival in Ittoqqortoormiit, the most isolated village in Greenland. On this moment we will be at 70º 30'' north latitude at the gate of the more complex network of fjords in the world.

Visit this small traditional village of just 500 inhabitants, whose municipality occupies the size of Great Britain. Here is 1 person per every 420 square kilometers, which can give us an idea of how far this is one of the most remote places on earth. Its inhabitants still hunt seals, walruses and polar bears as in the past. Free time to stroll through this small town, visit the museum and meet its people.

Day 13
Excursion to the mountains that surround Ittoqqortoormiit.

Day 14
Navigation back to Iceland where we will go along the west coast of this volcanic island.

Day 15
Arrival in Reykjavik. Accommodation in hotel.

Day 16
Flight Reykjavik - home.


This travel program is totally indicative and may be modified at any time by logistical reasons, weather, safety, sea state, ice conditions or due to force majeure beyond the control of Arctic World. The final plan and schedule will be made out every day according on all conditions and situations mentioned above.


August 2022




Before 120 days of the trip: 50% of the trip price + flights. After 120 days: 100% + flights


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