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Iceland: the island of ice and fire - From June to September 2022
Iceland: the island of ice and fire
The place on Earth most similar to the Moon
When Neil Armstrong, the first man who set foot on the Moon, left the Eagle lunar module, the landscape appeared before his eyes had have been familiar. Not in vain the crew of the Apollo XI spacecraft were training in Iceland for his uncanny resemblance to the lunar surface. And feet on earth, when you get to Iceland, you ealize that there is no place on earth where the powerful forces of nature are more present than here: volcanoes, geysers, lava deserts, waterfalls, glaciers, hot springs, craters and cliffs cohabit with surprising harmony.
Lapland under the Northern Light - December 2021 to March 2022
Lapland under the Northern Light
An ideal trip in complete safety to enter for the first time in the Arctic.
This trip is ideal for anyone, no matter her or his age or physical condition, to discover the winter Arctic in all its fullness. Six days full of nature, adventure, magic and... luck!
North Pole by helicopter
Helicopter flight to the Geographic North Pole from a Russian base on the ice

Achieving the mythical 90° North in a comfortable and safe way. This is a unique trip into the northern end of the planet that will allow us to perform a unique experience: to reach the Geographic North Pole. The only place on Earth where every direction is South.

Selfdriving in Norway - From May to September 2022
Selfdriving in Norway
Discover the Midnight sun of Norway and reach the northernmost European point by car
Driving our own car, we could get a taste of Norway and its fjords, travel around many small villages and charming fishing villages.
Lofoten islands have of great natural beauty and cristal clear water, which are waiting for us!
We will reach the northernmost point of Europe: the North Cape and made a cruise from Hammerfest to Trømso, “the capital of the Arctic”. This city is rich in culture and history and surrounded by nature, mountains, islands and fjords.