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North Pole by helicopter
North Pole by helicopter
North Pole by helicopter
North Pole by helicopter
North Pole by helicopter
North Pole by helicopter
Helicopter flight to the Geographic North Pole from a Russian base on the ice

Achieving the mythical 90° North in a comfortable and safe way. This is a unique trip into the northern end of the planet that will allow us to perform a unique experience: to reach the Geographic North Pole. The only place on Earth where every direction is South.

Peary, Herbert, Uemura, and other mythical explorers have had to travel more than 800 km of sea ice before reaching the North Pole. What we propose is to reach this mythical point by helicopter in a comfortable and safe way. There we will discover the Arctic Ocean, a frozen sea whose landscape is dotted with pressure ridges, open water channels, ice floes, etc.

Our starting point will not be a motionless northern land, but the temporary Russian station "Borneo" located on an ice floe adrift in the middle of the Arctic Ocean at 89 degrees north latitude. And our goal will not be a very common place, but the uninhabited Geographic North Pole, the point where joint all Earth meridians.

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Day 1
- Flight home to Oslo (Norway).
- Overnight at hotel.

Day 2
- Flight Oslo - Longyearbyen (Svalbard Archipelago).
- Extra day of margin just in case of delays of flights, baggage lost, airport strikes, etc. during the previous flights.
Overnight at hotel.

Day 3
- Preparation and checking of the equipment for our stay in the Arctic Ocean.
- Overnight at hotel.

Day 4
- If weather and ice conditions permit, flight to the "Barneo" drifting base located in the Arctic Ocean at the latitude 89º North, in an Antonov-74 charter plane. Approximate flight time about 2 hours and a half. Nights in a heated tent at the drifting base. At the first favourable weather and ice conditions, flight by helicopter to the Geographic North Pole. Flight time is approximately 40 minutes.
- Depending on the weather, we will stay at the North Pole about 1 hour to take pictures and make "world tour" through each of the terrestrial meridians that converge at 90º North. Then fly back to Borneo drifting base.
- During our stay in Barneo we will have the opportunity to witness the life in a drifting Russian polar base and meet with renowned polar explorers. We may also make short trips around the base to get a better idea of the Arctic Ocean, a frozen sea full of open water channels and huge pressure ridges.

Day 5
On the afternoon of the second day of our stay in Barneo, we will fly back to Longyearbyen on a plane AN-74.
Overnight at hotel.

Day 6
Ceremony of arrival at the North Pole.
Overnight at hotel.
Day 7
Margin day just in case there are delays due to meteorological factors on the flight Barneo - Longyearbyen. Free time for visiting Longyearbyen and/or participating in optional activities (snowmobiling, dog sledding, ice caves, etc.).
Overnight at hotel.
Day 8
Return flight Longyearbyen - home.


This trip is an expedition where unforeseen circumstances may occur and therefore the program is subject to change on the ground for weather reasons, logistical matters, ice and snow conditions or force majeure.


April 2022




Before 120 days of the trip: 50% of the trip price + flights. After 120 days: 100% + flights


1 People


- Return flight by plane Longyearbyen - Drifting base Barneo located on the Arctic Ocean.
- Return flight by helicopter Barneo - Geographic North Pole.
- Polar Guide.
- Full board in the Arctic Ocean.
- Rental of specific polar equipment during the trip.
- Polar travel insurance.
- Multiadventure travel insurance.
- Transfers between airport and accommodation in Longyearbyen.
- 1 Piece of 20 kg of personal baggage.


- Flight home - Longyearbyen.
- Air taxes.
- Accommodation in Oslo.
- Accommodation in Longyearbyen.
- Transfers Oslo Airport - hotel (round trip).
- Meals on transfers, airports, Oslo and Longyearbyen.
- Specific rescue polar insurance (mandatory to participate in the expedition) with a coverage (premium) at least of 100,000 (one hundred thousands) Euros in case of Search and Rescue in the Arctic Ocean.
- Personal mountain equipment.
- Extra accommodation nights in Longyearbyen and Oslo due to delays because of weather conditions, strikes at airports and any other causes beyond the control of Arctic World.
- Air companies expenses due to excess of personal baggage.



The traveler should not have any significant commitment to the day after the date of arrival, as there may be some delay in the flight of Barneo to Longyearbyen or  from this town to the mainland due to weather factors, state of the snow, state of the ice or logistical conditions inherent to the Arctic.
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