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North Pole expedition on skis - March - April 2022
North Pole expedition on skis
Crossing on skis of the last 100 km to the North Pole from a drifting base on the Arctic Ocean
This is an unique journey to the north tip of the planet that will allow an exceptional experience: to reach the Geographic North Pole, the only place on Earth where all directions are south.
Ski crossing on the Great Slave Lake
The gateway to the Great North
Crossing on skis of the Great Slave Lake which is located in the Northwest Territories of Canada. 150 Kilometers route in the second largest lake in Canada and the deepest in North America. Puerta de entrada a la espesa taiga canadiense y una de las mejores zonas del mundo para ver auroras boreales. Gateway to the dense Canadian taiga and one of the best areas in the world to watch northern lights.
Ski crossing on the ice sea of Greenland
Ski route on the frozen sea of the remote East Greenland coast.
In the remote and until recently inaccessible east coast of Greenland we will ski on a frozen sea getting round icebergs, chaotic ice zones, areas of thin ice, snowdrifts, open water and other obstacles characteristics of polar seas. This intimate contact with the polar terrain will give us the chance to see arctic wildlife roaming freely. With a little luck we may watch seals, polar bears or arctic hares among other wild inhabitants of the Arctic territory
Ski expedition to the Magnetic North Pole
One of the most remote and complex expeditions that can be done on Earth
A ski crossing departing from the coast of the archipelago of Canada to one of the most remote and inaccessible areas of the planet: the Magnetic North Pole. Located in the middle of the Arctic Ocean, the place is where all compasses point. Currently is located north of the Sverdrup Islands in the area most uninhabited of the whole Canadian Arctic.
South Pole expedition on skies - December 2021 - January 2022
South Pole expedition on skies
Ski crossing of the last degree of latitude from a base in the Antarctic continent.
The desire to be one of the few members of mankind to reach the Geographic South Pole remains as strong today as it was for Amundsen and Scott a century ago, when whole nations put every effort to achieve that long-awaited spot. With less conquering eagerness, but with the same spirit of adventure and pursuit of the unknown, our expedition will ski the last degree of latitude to the legendary 90º South.
The Viking Gods crossing
The defile with the most vertical walls in the Arctic
Ski crossing of the Akshayuk Pass inside the Ayuittuq National Park located in Baffin Island, Canada. A route of 100 kilometers in a spectacular defile with the most vertical walls in the Arctic. Mount Thor with 1 kilometer long of vertical wall, the double-cylinder of the gargantuan granite Mount Asgard, Mount Odin, etc. Transfer to the entrance point of the gorge in dogsled with Inuit guides.