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Around Svalbard - July and August 2022
Around Svalbard
A voyage around Spitsbergen, the largest island of the Svalbard archipielago in Norway
Near the mouth of Liefdefjorden, we will go ashore for a walk on the tundra island of Andøya. Many common eider and Pink-footed Goose nest here, and the more rare King Eider may also be seen. Sailing into Liefdefjorden, we will cruise near the face of the impressive Monaco Glacier. The waters of the glacier front are a favourite feeding spot for thousands of Kittiwakes and occasionally Polar Bear are seen on the glacier.
Navigation among the icebergs, the polar bear home
Arctic cruise to the north ofthe Svalbard islands just 540 miles from the North Pole Geographic
Arctic Svalbard cruise around Spitsbergen Island to the floating icebergs inhabited by polar bears. We can view the remote polar cap, Nordaustlandet. We also can watch seals, walrus, seabirds and another arctic wildlife. We will sail in the fjords of the archipielago, where legendary polar explorers like Willian Parry, Umberto Nobile and others spent different centuries ago.
New Year's Eve in Svalbard - 6 days from 28th December 2021 to 2nd January 2022
New Year's Eve in Svalbard
Trip to bid farewell to the year in one of the most remote places on earth
Our trip takes place in Longyearbyen, the northernmost settlement in the world, located just 1,300 km from the North Pole. Here we will say goodbye to the year in a special and unique way, following the Norwegian tradition.
Svalbard in winter, the Geographic North Pole archipelago
Adventure trip on the Spistbergen snowy island
We leave behind more than three months of complete darkness. The sun rises again in the ancient settlement of Longyearbyen, where the daytime is getting longer. At the end of April, the midnight sun remains visible for the full 24 hours till the end of August.
Svalbard Polar Night - From December 2021 to January 2022
Svalbard Polar Night
Travel to discover the darkness of the polar night
During our staying in Longyearbyen, an ancient mining settlement in the Svalbard islands, we will feel the polar night, where there is no difference between day and night, darkness reigns in every island’s corners, and the stars and “Northern Lights” give us a wonderful and unforgettable experience.
On this trip our senses must to be prepared to enjoy the calmness that the Arctic offers.
Svalbard, the archipelago at the North Pole gate - From 1 June to 30 September 2022
Svalbard, the archipelago at the North Pole gate
Adventure in the large archipielago of the Arctic Ocean
During our staying in Longyearbyen, an ancient mining settlement in the Svalbard islands, we will cruise through the Isfjorden and visit Pyramiden, a ghost town in the high north, complete with the world’s northernmost statue of Lenin. From the boat, we could see a varety of animals and arctic birds.
We will enjoy making a kayak trip, paddling on the Adventfjorden, with more than 7 km long and 4 km wide, surrounded by mountains over 1,000 meters high. We also could observe the nature in its purest state.