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Incentive trip in Iceland - The island of ice and fire
Incentive trip in Iceland - The island of ice and fire
Incentive trip in Iceland - The island of ice and fire
Incentive trip in Iceland - The island of ice and fire
Incentive trip in Iceland - The island of ice and fire
Incentive trip in Iceland - The island of ice and fire
The place on Earth most similar to the Moon
When Neil Armstrong, the first man who set foot on the Moon, left the Eagle lunar module, the landscape appeared before his eyes had have been familiar. Not in vain the crew of the Apollo XI spacecraft were training in Iceland for his uncanny resemblance to the lunar surface. There is no place on earth where the powerful forces of nature are more present than here: volcanoes, geysers, lava deserts, waterfalls, glaciers, hot springs, craters and cliffs cohabit with surprising harmony.
From the hand of Jose Naranjo, a polar explorer with a spectacular sports career in the cold regions of the planet, we will cross part of this amazing island located in mid-Atlantic ocean. In Iceland, even the most seasoned traveler will not cease to be amazed at every turn. Swimming in a geothermal lake, being in the great Atlantic fault that separates Europe from America, being closer to Gullfoss an impressive double waterfall, seeing a lagoon inundated of icebergs where was filmed a spectacular sequence of 007 agent film or feeling the force of a geyser in the country that gave name to all geysers in the world, no doubt that will leave their mark on the visitor.

Iceland, also invited to perform many activities that make you feel its incomparable nature even closer if possible. Walk by Europe's largest glacier, the Vanatjokull, riding astride an Icelandic pony with a view of a volcano, doing a thrilling snowmobile route on a glacier or sailing in an amphibious vehicle to see the nesting cliffs of the world's largest seabird colonies, will allow us to forget that there is another world outside their borders.

Iceland, the country of the Sagas. 1,100 years of stories of battles, love and revenge is happening since the Vikings colonized these barren lands. In an island of contrasts is not surprising to know that despite being the last country in Europe to be populated, has the oldest parliament in the continent.

And the magic of the country also does not breathe at night in winter, and the sky is covered with Northern Lights. The scientists consider them the most impressive light phenomenom of nature. So when one watches them, one wonders if it was one of these "Northern Lights" which prompted Leifur Eiriksson to reach the shores of America 500 years before Columbus...

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Day 1
Flight to Keflavik, Iceland's international airport, located in the extreme southwest of the island about 50 kilometers from Reykjavik, the capital of the country. Travel by road from the Reykjanes peninsula. In this region are some of the most interesting geological wonders of the world. An area where earthquakes, volcanoes, glaciers and the two tectonic plates of European and American continents have shaped a landscape of breathtaking beauty. Here we will go over the bridge that crosses between these two plates and we will get one foot in Europe and one in America...

Transfer to the Blue Lagoon geothermal complex where we can take a dip in the middle of a large lava field feeling the water vapors from the center of the earth. A relaxed atmosphere will certainly help us to forget the fatigue of the flight. Then we will travel to Reykjavik. Accommodation at one of the best hotels in the capital of Iceland. Explanation of the travel program. Welcome dinner and overnight in hotel.

Day 2
After breakfast we will go by bus to the named Golden Circle. There we will tour the Pingvellir National Park, where was located the first European parliament, and also the magnificent valley that lies at the foot of the Atlantic fault that separates the European continental shelf from the American one. In our route we will visit Gullfoss, the most spectacular waterfall in Iceland of 30 meters high that rushes spectacularly in a double dip by a major fault.

After lunch at a local restaurant overlooking the famous waterfall we will visit Geyser, the place that gave its name to all hot springs in the world that flow in a stream. There we will see the steaming Strokkur geysers throwing water column over 30 meters high every 5 or 10 minutes.

Our next point will be Eldhestar farm. There, equipped with helmet and boots we will make an easy ride through meadows and lava fields on the back of the powerful Icelandic ponies that weigh up to 400 kilograms. We will go through several farms that will give us an idea about how is the traditional life in Iceland. Now back to Reykjavik we will climb the crater of an extinct volcano, but whose colors are of beautiful desolation. Upon arrival in the Icelandic capital we will have dinner in one of the typical restaurants of downtown where we will taste the delicious Icelandic lobster. Night at the hotel.

Day 3
Travel by bus to Cape Dyrholaey, a cliff that forms the southernmost tip of Iceland. From there you can appreciate the great natural arc of 120 meters high that erosion has formed on basalt rock. In this area of spectacular black sand beaches we will see the Reynisdrangar needles protruding tens of meters above sea level. According to a legend they were formed when 2 goblins tried to drag to land a three-masted ship in the middle of the night, but when the day dawned became rocks.

On our way to such a cape we will pass through the vast plains formed by glacial rivers. A fertile terrain where small villages and isolated farms are in front of the Hekla, the most active volcano in Iceland. Optionally, and if the sea conditions permitting, when we will reach the beautiful village of Vik, we will take a trip on an amphibious vehicle to see from the sea the cliffs where nesting one of the largest colonies in the world. Then we will pass near the glaciar sands of Myrdalssandur and the vast lava fields of Eldhraun to reach the Skftafell National Park at the foot of the great glacier of Vatnajökull where we will stay at the Skaftafell hotel. Dinner and overnight at hotel.

Day 4
After breakfast at the hotel, we will make a easy guided tour in the Vatnajökull, the largest glacier in Europe. Equipped with safety equipment such as crampons and ice axes, we will go into this huge glacier of 8,400 square kilometers in which would fit all the glaciers in Europe together. Its territory covers an area similar to a third of Holland.

After lunch at the hotel, we will go by bus to the Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon where giant icebergs float  stacked with tints almost surreal. A magical place like no other where they filmed the dramatic pursuit of a James Bond movie, the famous 007 agent. Depending on the time of the year, we will navigate the calm waters of the lake with an amphibious vehicle.

Back at the hotel, Jose Naranjo will give a audiovisual lecture entitled "Transgreenland, the faster polar journey in history" in which he along with another companion crossed the Greenland icecap in a sled pulled by giant kites. Dinner and overnight at Skaftafell hotel.

Day 5
After breakfast, we will go by bus to the Myrdalsjokull glacier where we will take a guided snowmobile tour through a silent white world. On our way  we will see the famous volcano Katla beneath the glacier. This is one of the most active volcanoes in Iceland where the last major eruption occurred in 1918, although it is waiting to explode again in the coming years. Alpine meal in a mountain refuge on the glacier. After oun exciting snowmobile tour we will continue our journey to reach Skogar where we will stay at the hotel of the same name as the town. Dinner at the restaurant.

Day 6
After breakfast we will visit the traditional and Ethnographic Museum of Skogar, one of the best in Iceland with more than 6,000 objects on traditional life in Iceland, as well as different types of typical Icelandic homes from ancient times until today. We will continue our journey to the great Skogafoss waterfall with a drop of over 60 meters high, according to the legend under the waterfall is hidden the golden heart of Prasi, one of the ancient inhabitants of this region. On sunny days we can see a spectacular rainbow on the waterfall.

Lunch at the restaurant of the Ranga hotel in the small town of Hvolsvollur, at the foot of the Hekla volcano. Arrival in Reykjavik, accommodation in hotel and free time to visit the beautiful capital of Iceland, Reykjavik, shopping, etc. In the evening farewell dinner party at the Viking restaurant of Fjorukrain. Overnight at hotel.

Day 7
Return flight Reykjavik - home.


This program is subject to change on the ground due to weather factors, ice or snow conditions, logistic matters inherent to the Arctic or force majeure beyond the control of Arctic World.


All year round




Before 120 days of the trip: 50% of the trip price + flights. After 120 days: 100% + flights





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