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Professional data

Arctic World director in Germany

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Dogsled crossing in Ittoqqortoormiit in East Greenland - 2013
A crossing accompanied by two Inuit hunters from the village Ittoqqortoormiit, located on the eastern coast of Greenland to the north of Liverpool Land and James Land to finish in the world's longest fjord, Scoresbysund. During the route Ingrid lived and traveled to the traditional way of Kalaaliit people culture.

With skis through the woods of Lapland - 2013
A solo journey on skis across the small islands of the Inarijärvi Lake, the largest of Lapland. The route started from a hut near the village of Ivalo.

First ever ski crossing of the Barnes icecap - 2012
Member of the world first ever crossing on skis of the Barnes icecap in total autonomy through the longest possible route. The Barnes is a polar cap of 6,000 square kilometres located in Arctic Canadian Baffin Island. First in the world to complete the “Baffin polar Trilogy” (Barnes icecap, Penny icecap and Akshayuk Pass).

Thule dogsled expedition - 2011
Member of the Thule expedition, a 300 Km trip in dogsledge with Inuit hunters through North Greenland to Siorapaluk, the northermost village on Earth.

First national ski crossing of the Sam Fjord - 2010
Member of the first national ski crossing of the Sam Fjord and Steward Valley situated north of the Arctic Circle on Baffin island, Canada. In this remote fjord are the highest sea cliffs on Earth. During the route the expedition members skied down the legendary Polar Sun Spire, a granite wall of 1,600 meters high with a vertical free fall to the sea. It is considered the highest sea cliff on the Earth.

First national ski crossing of the Penny icecap - 2009
Member of the first national ski crossing of the Penny Icecap on Baffin Island, Canada. 25 Days by skis in total autonomy without any previous deposits. The expedition traveled 200 kilometers of ice, snow and rock opening a new route. They climbed up 2,000 meters and walk on all highest summits of this great mass of ice. This is the longest ski crossing ever on this icecap.

First national ski crossing of the Akshayuk Pass - 2008
Member of the first national ski crossing of the Akshayuk Pass, locate in Baffin Island (Canada). A 100 kilometers defile where is situated the highest overhanged mountain wall on the Earth. They skied the route without external assistance in winter where the temperature dropped until 60º C below zero.

Nanoq snowmobile expedition - 2007
Member of Nanoq 2007 expedition. 500 Kilometers by snowmobile in total autonomy through the frozen sea of the mythical North West Passage located in the Canadian Arctic. First national expedition.

Winter ski crossing in the Baltic Sea - 2006
Crossing with skis on the frozen Gulf of Bothnia off the coast of Finnish Lapland.

Ski crossing on the Greenland ice cap - 2006
Crossing at the southern tip of Greenland ice cap starting and ending at sea level.

Sports she plays
Alpine skiing, tennis, cycling and fitness.

Foreign Travel
- Journey of a year in bus and hitch-hiking across Canada and Alaska: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Sascatschewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon and Alaska (USA).
- She has lived, worked and traveled throughout Europe: Germany, Switzerland, Holland, England and Scotland, France, Italy, Greece, Ireland, Croatia.
- She has traveled many countries outside Europe as Morocco, U.S., etc..

The Arctic for her
She is a lover of the Arctic in general and Baffin Island in Nunavut (Canada) in particular. She also is passionate about Inuit culture.