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Bendt Abelsen CV
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Professional data

Arctic World skipper in Greenland

Curriculum and experience

He is the chief of the local bank and supermarket and been working there for more than 28 years. He is 51 years old and he enjoys sailing with boat and sleddogging with tourists in East Greenland more than ever.

Like the other local people, he was born and raised in Kulusuk. When he was a child, he didn´t know a thing about internet or what was happening outside his own world, so did the rest local people. In his generation, a change has been made, a lot of change in society. He lived the old Greenlandic traditional way, then the way of living was slowly transformed into the European system which we know call for easier life, because of the technology and ability to connect to the rest of the world.

30 years ago, he began to sail with one-day tourists from Iceland. Icelandic company needed local to sail with the tourists. From that time, he slowly started to communicate with tourist first with sign language and then he learned to communicate in English without formal education.

He travelled in Denmark, Iceland as well in Spain for business reasons and holidays. But sailing with tourist in his home is his favorite of all.