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Kunuk Abelsen CV
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Professional data

Arctic World director in Greenland

Curriculum and experience

I grew up in Kulusuk. A small village in Eastside of Greenland(similar to any of other villages in Greenland) with population about only 300 people. I haven´t left my home village until I was 16 years old and I always come home in Christmas and in summer holidays.

My father took me seal hunting and fishing since I could barely walk. After a whole day of hunting, we go home. On our way home with our boat, I always look out the horizon and now I realize that I never bored because I look at the icebergs and mountains all around us and the movement of the sea, so natural.

When I finished with primary school(with good grades), I applied to secondary school – I got in. My grades at the secondary school could get me in the Greenlandic Tourism Academy in Qaqortoq(City in South Greenland). – education in academic level.

Anyway, I am now 21years old and I´ll finish my education in November of 2013. I can communicate completely in Greenlandic, English as well in Danish. I also recently started to learn Spanish. I have more than 4 years practical experience in tourism industry(service and guiding), mostly in my home village. I´ve been travelling a bit in my life.

I´ve been in Denmark countless times as well in Iceland, on holidays. I have been in Spain, travelling and meeting some friends in summertime, in Canary Islands, Madrid, watching football game in Santiago Bernabeu, visiting Andalucia(SouthSpain) and Barcelona.