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Ski crossing on the frozen Baltic Sea
Ski crossing on the frozen Baltic Sea
Ski crossing on the frozen Baltic Sea
Ski crossing on the frozen Baltic Sea
Ski crossing on the frozen Baltic Sea
Ski crossing on the frozen Baltic Sea
Introduction to the polar travel in Lapland.
Trip ideal to have a first contact with the wintery Arctic. Seven days of walking on skis near the Arctic Circle. During the voyage we will sleep in snow shelters, tents or huts, learning to live at 30 degrees below zero in a place where the Northern Lights are not an isolated phenomenon.
In our journey we become familiar with the equipment and expedition techniques and Arctic survival. Methods of protection against the cold, Eskimo techniques of orientation, navigation compass, GPS positioning systems, fish in the sea ice and other knowledge that may be useful in later expeditions. Also, if wind conditions permit we will learn the basics of polar progress on skis hauled by kites.

A quiet place of the coast, near the Finnish village called Ii, will be our starting point. Skiing through the Baltic Sea and camping on the sea ice or in huts in some of the many islands that dot this frozen sea we will reach our goal, the Lapish city of Kemi, situated on the northern edge of the frozen Gulf of Bothnia.
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Day 1
Departure from home to Oulu in regular flight route. Arrival in Oulu and taxi or private car transfers to cabins located near the Baltic Sea coast. Overnight in hut.

Day 2 to 8
Ski crossing with "pulka" (sledge) from a point in the Baltic Sea coast, near the town of Ii, to the Lapish town of Kemi located in the Gulf of Bothnia. During the crossing we will ski from island to island on the frozen sea ice.

Day 8
Transfer by train or taxi or private car from Kemi to Oulu. Overnight at hotel.

Day 9
Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer by taxi or private car to Oulu airport. Flight back Oulu - Home.


This trip has to be considered an expedition where unforeseen circumstances may occur, such as bad weather, bad ice conditions, logistical factors inherent in the Arctic, etc. Therefore this program is indicative and subject to change on the ground.




February 2018



45 days before


30% of the trip without tickets neither air taxes.


6 People


- All meals and fuel during the ski crossing.

- Rental of the specific polar equipment.

- 1 Night accommodation in cabin near the Baltic Sea coast.

- 1 Night accommodation at hotel in Oulu.

- 1 Breakfast at hotel in Oulu

- Train tickets or Taxi Kemi - Oulu.

- Transfers between airport and railway station in Kemi and Oulu.

- Transfer from Oulu to the trip starting point.

- Transfer from the trip ending point to Kemi.

- 1 Arctic World Guide.

- Air transport of 1 piece of 12 kg of personal baggage.

- Expediton insurance.


- Flight to Oulu and return.

- Air taxes.

- Breakfasts, lunchs and dinners in twons and villages.

- Personal mountain equipment.

- Expenses in excess of personal baggage in airports.

- Left-luggage lockers expenses in railway stations needed for personal luggage.

- Extra costs of accommodation, transfers and meals due to flight or transfers delays, weather factors, bad sea ice conditions, logistical factor inherent in Arctic regions or any cause beyond of the Arctic World control.



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