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With Inuit people from Greenland
With Inuit people from Greenland
With Inuit people from Greenland
With Inuit people from Greenland
With Inuit people from Greenland
With Inuit people from Greenland
Trip to live with the Inuit of Greenland accompanied by an expert anthropologist
Francesc Bailon, an anthropologist and specialist in Inuit culture, will accompany us on this cultural journey. Accommodation in Inuit local houses, archaeological sites, visit the place where Inuit women committed suicide, the oldest house in Greenland, the largest icebergs in the northern hemisphere, etc.
From the hand of Francesc we will approach one of the most unique and fascinating peoples of the planet, the Inuit. Their harmony between tradition and modernity, without changing the medium in which they live and survive, is one example that, currently and with environmental problems that we experience, can make us reflect on the possibilities still offered by nature to man.

We will live with the Inuit which means "human beings" and we will know some of the most important aspects of their culture, not to mention their land, wild and untouched and which they call Kalaallit Nunaat.
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Day 1
Flight to Copenhagen. Arrival and accommodation in hotel. Introductory lecture on Inuit Culture by Francesc Bailon.

Day 2
Morning visit the permanent exhibition dedicated to Inuit culture in the National Museet. Afternoon free. Conference on the Inuit of Greenland by Francesc Bailon.. Accommodation in hotel.

Day 3
Flight to Ilulissat via Kangerlussuaq. Ilullisat is the third largest city in Greenland and most of the North with 4,500 inhabitants. Is the metropolitan center of the area of Disko Bay and is situated on the west coast, at latitude 69º N, 200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle. Ilulissat means icebergs in English. Afternoon visit the town of Ilulissat. Private accommodation. Half board.

Day 4
Uummannaq flight from Ilulissat via Qaarsut. Uummannaq which means "heart-shaped Mountain" is situated 590 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle on an island covering 12 square miles Here we have what is known as the "real" Greenland. " A majestic landscape and hard with high mountains, many glaciers and icebergs, and a population for whom fishing and hunting by dogsled and boat is part of their daily lives. Morning tour of the city. Museum of Uummannaq. Contains an important collection of objects found with the mummies of Qilakitsoq. Also too, we see the section on the time of the whalers in Greenland. Beside the museum is the Church of Uummannaq granite built in 1935. Later we enter two peat old traditional houses and stone where the Inuit lived. Lunch at the hotel. In the afternoon, take a walk around Uummannaq up to the home of Santa Claus. Accommodation in hotel. Half board.

Day 5
In the morning we will travel by boat to the archaeological site of Qilakitsoq, an ancient settlement of winter where you can still see the remains of some old houses. Here they met in 1972, the mummified bodies and surprisingly well-preserved six adults and two children dating back to around 1460 AD These mummies along with objects found in tombs are the oldest known throughout the Arctic region inhabited by Inuit. This site is one of the most important findings of archeology Arctic. You can also see some of the more than 30 graves that are in the area still contain human remains. Then continue on the impressive full Nussuaq Peninsula glaciers. Sailing to the east reach the island of Storee easternmost end of which is a fascinating region known as "desert." Of geological interest, this area is full of different minerals such as quartz, copper and iron as well as some pieces of a meteorite. Different warm earth colors contrast here with a landscape filled with glaciers and icebergs. After the picnic will continue to the spectacular cliff Qingaarssuaq where we watch a bird breeding fulmars located in the middle of a large waterfall. Then we move to the village of Saattut of about 240 inhabitants, a place where traditional hunting and fishing are the only means of subsistence. Then return to Uummannaq.  Accommodation in hotel. Half board.

Day 6
Morning visit the home of an Inuit family where we see how women make the clothes using the sealskin, caribou, polar bear, dog or traditional clothing for the whole family. There is also the option of visiting the village of Qaarsut. Afternoon transfer to airport for flight to Ilulissat, Uummannaq. Private accommodation. Half board.

Day 7
Walking Tour Sermermiut archaeological site, whose name means "people on the ice," one of the most important settlements in Greenland. In this settlement will see the Kaellingekloften, a cliff 35 meters deep, where once in times of hardship, older women committed suicide to prevent younger people go hungry. Visit also Qingaarssuaq (Holms Bakke), where the inhabitants of Ilulissat will welcome the sun after the polar night. Both sites are in the so-called Kangia (Ilulissat Icefjord), where the Sermeq Kujalleq glacier, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. After Antarctica, is the largest producing area of icebergs in the world. Annually produces about 20 cubic kilometers and 20 million tons per day of icebergs, that the total amount of water consumed in a year in New York. Back to Ilulissat. Private accommodation on half board.

Day 8
Early morning we leave by boat to the town of about 1,350 inhabitants Qasigiannguit. Here is the oldest house built of wood in Greenland in 1734. This house is part of the interesting local museum. After lunch we visit the island of Qeqertasussuk where about 4,500 years ago established the first inhabitants of this region. Here we consider some remains of the ancient Saqqaq and tour the southwest of the bay where there are many traces of prehistoric Inuit ancestors lived in this area. In the evening return to Ilulissat. Private accommodation on half board.

Day 9
Ilulissat. Morning visit Ilulissat Museum located in the house where the great Knud Rasmussen, basically dedicated to him and Jorgen Bronlund also browser, which like the first, born in Ilulissat. Against this museum is the church of Zion, built with the receipts from whaling by the residents themselves. We will also see the Emmanuel A. Petersen Art Museum where we can contemplate a painting exhibition that reflected the colonial Greenland early nineteenth century. Finally we will go to an artists' cooperative to see how prepared some traditional pieces Inuit (Tupilak, ulu ...). Private accommodation on half board.

Day 10
Full day excursion in which we will go by boat to visit the Port Victor glaciers and glacier ISS, an extraordinary opportunity to observe the Inlandis (Ice Cap) and 3 km of ice that form the Sermia kitch. Private accommodation on half board.

Day 11
Free morning. Afternoon boat trip to Ilimanaq. This village of 70 inhabitants, is about 30 km south of Ilulissat. Pass by the impressive Kangia, a maze of icebergs from the glacier Sermeq Kujalleq and constitutes a unique spectacle in the world. Ilimanaq means "place of hope for the game" and it is a people who live entirely by hunting and fishing. Dinner at home of an Inuit hunter and learn first hand about daily life is like in this town. In the evening back to Ilulissat. Private accommodation on half board.

Day 12
Free day. Ability to make hiking very interesting around Ilulissat. Other options are likewise go fishing with the Inuit, whale watching or visit other nearby towns as Oqaatsut. You can also go to the abandoned town of Ata for kayaking or take a helicopter to fly over the glacier Sermeq Kujalleq.  Private accommodation on half board.

Day 13
Flight Ilulissat to Kangerlussuaq. In the morning trip to the Russell Glacier, one of the world's most impressive glaciers and the Greenland Inlandis doors. After lunch, back to Kangerlussuaq. Afternoon Safari to see the musk ox one of the few large northern mammals that still exist. Along with the caribou are the two large herbivores in the tundra. Hotel accommodation in half board.

Day 14
Flight Kangerlussuaq - Copenhagen. Accommodation in hotel.

Day 15
Flight from Copenhagen to home.


This program is subject to change on the ground due to weather factors, ice or snow conditions, logistic matters inherent to the Arctic or force majeure beyond the control of Arctic World.


Summer 2022




Before 60 days of the trip: 50% of the trip price + flights. After 60 days: 100% + flights


6 People


- Inuit local guides.
- 1 Arctic World guide (Francesc Bailon).
- 3 Nights hotel Copenhagen in double room including breakfast.
- 8 Nights at the home of an Inuit family in Ilulissat in half board.
- 2 Nights at hotel in Uummannaq with half board.
- 1 Night at hotel in Kangerlussuaq with half board.
- Full board in Greenland.
- Excursions according to the trip program.
- Museums entrance tickets.
- Specific polar equipment rental during the trip.
- Travel insurance.
- 1 Piece of baggage of 15 kilogrames as a personal luggage.


- Flight to Greenland and return.
- Air taxes.
- Meals in Copenhagen.
- Meals in airports, planes and transfers.
- Extra accommodation nights and extra meals in
Copenhague Ilulissat, Uummannaq y Kangerlussuaq, and airports because of delays due to weather conditions, strikes at airports and any other causes beyond Arctic World.
- Costs of air excess weight in personal baggage.



- Group: 6 to 12 people.
- Due to severe limitations on aircraft weight, it is important not to carry as personal baggage over 15 kilogrames per person.
- At the beginning of the trip will be handed over a dossier on Inuit culture.



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