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Ski crossing on the ice sea of Greenland
Ski crossing on the ice sea of Greenland
Ski crossing on the ice sea of Greenland
Ski crossing on the ice sea of Greenland
Ski crossing on the ice sea of Greenland
Ski crossing on the ice sea of Greenland
Ski route on the frozen sea of the remote East Greenland coast.
In the remote and until recently inaccessible east coast of Greenland we will ski on a frozen sea getting round icebergs, chaotic ice zones, areas of thin ice, snowdrifts, open water and other obstacles characteristics of polar seas. This intimate contact with the polar terrain will give us the chance to see arctic wildlife roaming freely. With a little luck we may watch seals, polar bears or arctic hares among other wild inhabitants of the Arctic territory
Our starting point is a remote traditional Inuit village of just over 200 inhabitants situated on the island of Kulusuk. We will arrive there from Iceland after a spectacular flight. Once on route we will move forward distinguishing to our West the wild mountains of Greenland with its towering peaks. To our East we will have the endless horizon of the Demark Strait. Dragging our sled all equipment, food and fuel for the expedition we will go forward every day to reach the island of Erqiligarteq from which on clear days we have a vision of hundreds of miles of pack ice. At night we will sleep in expedition tents in the same sea ice on which we were skiing. The ocean water will be just a meter beneath our bodies.
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Day 1
- Flight home - Reykjavik.
- Night in hostel.

Day 2
- Flight Reykjavik - Kulusuk (East Greenland coast).
- Accommodation in hostel.
- Visit the traditional village of Kulusuk of 290 inhabitants.
- Free time for an optional tour by dogsled in the traditional Inuit way (dogs are tied in a fan shape so they are able to adapt to the chaotic ice zones of frozen sea).

Day 3
- Crossing on skis along the Fjord Ikasgrtik that generally have large icebergs trapped in the ice. Continuation of the route through the Fjord Aqartertuluk whose beginning we will go deep into the great ice 
sea of the Denmark Strait. A zone of ice that generally has large open water channels. This is an area of polar bears. On the route we will take a dog trained for polar bear to alert us if "Nanoq", which is 
like the Inuit call this large carnivore, is approaching . We will also carry a rifle as defence in case of polar bear attack.
- Overnight in tent.

Day 4
- Crossing on skis skirting Ingingaleq, a steep island which we will be able to climb to the top in order to make out the infinite and white horizon of the Denmark Strait pack ice.
- Overnight in tent.

Day 5
- Crossing on skis to the island of Aqarterluq located between Ingingaleq and large island where is located the Apusiajik glacier.
- Overnight in tent.

Day 6
- Crossing with skis up to the Ima Iqteajip Fjord with views of the vast ocean of ice that is lost in the horizon.
- Overnight in tent.

Day 7
- Crossing on skis to the small island of Nuerniagkat, then we will reach the southern end of the large island of Qianarteq.
- Overnight in tent.

Day 8
- Crossing on skis to south-easterly direction to go around dozens of small islands that are the border with the free frozen sea.
- Overnight in tent.

Day 9
- Crossing on skis around the eastern slope of the Erqiligarteq Island.
- Overnight in tent.

Day 10
- Crossing back on skis to Kulusuk rounding the east side of Ingigaleq side.
- Overnight in tent.

Day 11
- Return through the Ikasgrtik Fjord near Kulusuk.
- Overnight in tent.

Day 12
- Morning margin in case of bad weather.
- Flight Kulusuk - Reykjavik.
- Night in hostel.

Day 13
- Flight Reykjavik - home.


This trip is an expedition where unforeseen circumstances may occur and therefore the program is subject to change on the ground for weather reasons, logistical matters, ice and snow conditions or force majeure.


February and March 2022




Before 90 days of the trip: 50% of the trip price + flights. After 90 days: 100% + flights


6 people


- 2 Nights of accommodation in hostel in Reykjavik
- 1 Night of accommodation in hostel in Kulusuk.
- Full board in Greenland.
- Rental of the specific equipment during the expedition (polar parkas, polar boots, expedition mittens, 40º degrees below zero sleeping bag, skis, sleds, etc.).
- 1 Dog trained to alert to polar bears.
- 1 Rifle to repel a possible polar bear attack.
- Expedition insurance.
- Arctic World Guide.
- Rental of group equipment during the expedition (expedition tents, stoves, GPS, satellite phone for emergencies, etc.)..
- 1 Piece of Package of 12 kg of personal baggage. 


- Flight home - Kulusuk.
- Air taxes.
- Transfers in Iceland.
- Meals in Iceland.
- Meals on transfers and aiports.
- Costs of air excess weight in personal baggage.
- Costs of air excess weight in group baggage (to share among all travellers).
- Extra accommodation nights and extra meals in Reykjavik, Kulusuk airports and other towns because of flight delays and delays during the expedition due to weather conditions, snow and ice conditions, strikes at airports and any other causes beyond Arctic World.
- Personal mountain clothes and personal equipment.




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