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Incentive trip in Greenland - The Arctic pearl
Incentive trip in Greenland - The Arctic pearl
Incentive trip in Greenland - The Arctic pearl
Incentive trip in Greenland - The Arctic pearl
Incentive trip in Greenland - The Arctic pearl
Incentive trip in Greenland - The Arctic pearl
Travel by boat, helicopter and on foot through the major fjords of southern Greenland
Inuit people, whales, seals, hot springs, icebergs, glaciers, Inuit and Viking ruins, etc. Greenland is an unknown destination outside of conventional circuits, which makes it an excellent destination for an incentive trip. It is an exotic and original country with which to surprise even the most seasoned travelers.
Its unique geographical conditions, harsh climate and wild and virgin nature in contrast to its hospitable and peaceful people, make a trip to Greenland a different experience, imbued with a spirit of last frontier hard to find elsewhere in the world.

However, this unique experience can be lived in complete safety. Besides being just this our top priority, we have the best guides. They all have a solid and extensive experience in all types of trips and expeditions in Greenland, which ensures a safe stay for the traveler.
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Day 1
Flight to Copenhagen. Hotel accommodations and dinner at the harbour.

Day 2
Departure from Copenhagen and arrival in Narsarssuaq. Overnight at the Narsarssuaq hotel. Explanation of the activity program.

Sailing by boat or rubber dinghy to Qasiarsuk and visit Brattahlid, the place where Erik the Red established to colonize Greenland in 985. His son, Leif the Lucky, left these lands to Canada in the year 1,000. Original ruins and replica of the chapel and house. Picnic lunch.

In the afternoon there will be two groups. One of the groups will do a route by quad to the Sermilik fjord (known for having the largest accumulation of ice and icebergs in the south of Greenland) and Tasiusaq farm. The other group will do a short route by icelandic horses around Qasiarsuk.  Change of activity. Return by boat to Narsarssuaq. Dinner at the Narsarssuaq hotel.

Day 3
On the morning the boat will  to pick us up to cross the Qaregadlid glacier front, and then we will do a light trekking in a lunar valley to the Kangerdluatsiaup lake, one of the largest in south Greenland. The area has a great abundance of caribous. Back to the hotel.

Day 4
On the afternoon, flight in a 24 seats helicopter to the Eqaloruutsit Sermia glacier, a totally fractured impressive glacier crossed by thousands of crevasses. Overflight of this wonder of nature and its imposing glacier front of 100 meters high that flows into the Sermilik, another glacier, which is completely flooded with icebergs and ice blocks forming a truly spectacular landscape.

Then we will land on a natural balcony next to the glacier to look more calmly this magnificent spectacle. From there we will fly to a Nunataq or island of rock in the ice world. We will fly over part of the vast Greenland ice sheet to land later in such Nunataq at 1,000 meters above the sea level.

After a half hour stay at the top, we will fly by helicopter over glaciers, mountains and fjords to Qaqortoq, the largest city in southern Greenland with about 3,500 inhabitants. Walk around the city. Dinner and overnight at the Qaqortoq hotel.

Day 5
Navigation by speedboats to the hot springs of Uunartoq through a sea full of icebergs and ice blocks. A trip between islands and fjords increasingly steepy and craggy. On our route we will stop at the traditional Greenlandic Saarloqof village of 80 inhabitants, and in the Alluitsup Paa, 500 inhabitants.

Once in the hot springs we can swim in a natural pool at 38 º C, while side us are floating icebergs of all sizes. On afternoon we will return by boat to Qaqortoq. Dinner and overnight at Qaqortoq hotel.

Day 6
Sailing in 2 Greenlandic fishing boats through a complex system of fjords to the town of Narsaq. Arrival in Narsaq and city tour. Tasting traditional Inuit food meal at a local restaurant.

In the afternoon we will continue sailing by the fishing boats to Narsarssuaq with fishing boats. Dinner buffet from local Greenlandic food of all kinds, like seal meat, whale, caribou, lamb, skin of whale, halibut, salmon, cod, herring, etc. Overnight at the Narsarssuaq hotel.

Day 7
Visit the museum of Narsarssuaq in the morning. Flight to Copenhagen. Dinner and overnight at hotel.

Day 8
Flight Copenhagen - home.


This program is subject to change on the ground due to weather factors, ice or snow conditions, logistic matters inherent to the Arctic or force majeure beyond the control of Arctic World.


May to October



120 Days before


30% of the trip price excluding flight tickets and air taxes.


10 People




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