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Greenland: extension from Iceland
Greenland: extension from Iceland
Greenland: extension from Iceland
Greenland: extension from Iceland
Greenland: extension from Iceland
Greenland: extension from Iceland
4 days of travel to the Greenland icecap, icebergs, whales and tiny traditional Inuit villages
Route by boat and on foot in Angmagssalik, the area where the last Inuit were contacted by white man. Sailing by local boat through the big fjords of the East Greenland coast. The route skirts the tundra, enormous icebergs, craggy mountains and the Great Greenland icecap, the second biggest ice mass on Earth.
Visit tiny villages almost uninhabited. Flanking stunning glaciers we will sailing inside the Blue Diamond Bay flooded with bright cobalt blue icebergs. Sighting of whales, seals and other arctic wildlife. A compendium of the best marvellous of Greenland.
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Day 1
- Transfer at your own to the Reykjavik domestic airport.
- Flight Reykjavik - Kulusuk (East Greenland coast).
- Visit the tiny village of Kulusuk with 290 inhabitants that is located in the island of the same name.
- Dinner at an Inuit local house.
- Night at an Inuit local house.

Day 2
- Breakfast at local house.
- Sailing by local boat from Kulusuk to Tiniteqilaq thorough the great Angmagssalik fjord. During the navigation we will pass the abandoned village of Qnertivartivit located in a small island at the mouth of the Ikasartivaq fjord, the access to the traditional tiny village of Tiniteqilaq with around 250 inhabitants.
- Picnic lunch during route.
- Visit of Tiniteqilaq village. This area is one of the few places in the world where still is used the dogsled as a main way of transport in the winter season.
- Sailing through the deep fiord of Sermilik that is flooded by icebergs.
- Sailing inside the Nagtivit fjord, named as the Blue Diamond Bay because of the beautiful iceberg with blue cobalt colours that dot the bay and where is relativaly easy to see seals.
- Disembark beside the glacier face of the fjord where we will catch sight of the Greenland icecap, the second biggest ice mass on Earth.
- Picnic lunch during the route.
- In the afternoon we will round the big Angmagssalik island. During this part of the sailing we will have lot of chances to see whales that feed in these cold waters.
- Next we will reach at the abandoned village of Ikateq located at the entrance of the Sermilik fjord where it meets the great Ocean. This village is preserved intact as it was left by its inhabitants.
- During this coastal sailing is very common meeting huge icebergs wander adrift coming from a very long glacier face located hundreds of kilometres north of our position.
- In the evening arrival to Kulusuk.
- Dinner at an Inuit local house.
- Night at an Inuit local house.

Day 3
- Breakfast at local house.
- Free day for optional activities and excursions as the boat tour to Tassilaq, considered one of the most beautiful cities in the whole Greenland or the sailing tour to the small fishing settlement of Sermiligaq visiting Ikateq, an abandoned air base from the Second World Word and the Karale and Knud Rasmussen glaciers.
- Lunch at an Inuit local house.
- Dinner at an Inuit local house.
- Night at an Inuit local house.

Day 4
- Breakfast at local house.
- Flight Kulusuk - Reykjavik.
- Transfer to your accommodation in Reykjavik at your own.


This program is indicative and may be modified due to weather factors, sea and ice conditions or logistical factors inherent in the Arctic.




15 July to 30 September 202




Before 60 days of the trip: 50% of the trip price + flights. After 60 days: 100% + flights


1 person


- 3 Nights of accommodation at Inuit local houses.

- Full board in Greenland.

- All excursions and visit included in the program trip.

- Transfers in Greenland according the program trip.

- 1 Local skipper for the boat.

- Multiadventure trip insurance.

- 20 Kg of personal baggage.


- Flight country of residence - Iceland and return.

- Flight Reykjavik - Kulusuk and return.

- Air taxes.

- Accommodation in Iceland.

- Meals in Iceland.

- Meals in airports and planes.

- Personal mountain clothes and personal equipment.

- Anything not specified in the "Include" section.

- Activities and excursions not specified in the travel program.

- Optional activities and excursions.

- Costs and applications for visa to Greenland, Iceland, the European Union or other countries if required.

- Extra costs of accommodation, boating and meals due to flight delays, weather factors, sea and ice conditions, and any cause beyond of Arctic World.

- Excess of personal baggage.


Hotel in Kulusuk.

Extra days
Option to extend the staying in Greenland more days.

Optional excursion to Tassilaq
Boat tour to Tassilaq, capital of the Ammassalik district and one of the most beautiful cities in the whole Greenland.
Optional excursion to Sermiligaq
Sailing route to Sermiligaq village visiting the abandoned Second World War USA air base, the village of Kuumiut and the Karale and Knud Rasmussen glaciers. Notice that this excursion requires an extra night in Greenland.
Boat trip: whale watching
Sailing tour by local boat through the ocean to see cetaceans in their natural habitat, such as Humpbacks and Orcas.

Optional excursion to Apusiajik Glacier
Sailing by local boat through the Tunu Bay to reach the glacier. We can approach to the Apusiajik glacier and its blue ice falling into the ocean.


Arctic World as specialists in the polar regions, organize tailor made trips according the interests, budget, available time and wishes of the traveller. So, to this trip are possible adding activities, days, meals, excursions, etc, in order this will be an unforgettable experience. Just tell us the days, activities and meals you want to do and we will prepare your customize trip.
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