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“Rescue”of two dog`s puppies with minutes of life
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Video Subjects >> Arctic wildlife
On the following link, you can see the “rescue”, which was made by the Arctic World team. Greenlandic Dog puppies were born few minutes before. Due to many people have worried about these puppies and the mother dog, we would like to say the following: As you can see in the title of the video the word "rescue" is between quotation marks (quotes). So, that means that the meaning of the word is not exactly what diccionary says, but it can have also other different meaning that one can extract from the context of the phrase or the situation or from gestures or from non-verbal communnication, etc, etc, etc. In this case, it was NOT any real rescue in any moment, neither puppies were in any kind of danger in any moment. The word "rescue" was used in a figurative sense. Simply, the mother gave birth 2 puppies just in the edge of a very gentle and very short snow slope located 5 metres from a house. And just in the moment she gave birth the puppies slid down the slope and she could not reach their puppies. So we took those puppies and gave them back their mother. If we would not have being there in that moment soon other people would have be around and would have give the puppies back the mother. We saw again those puppies some months ago, 2 years after the video, and they were in perfect condition, they looked very strong, joyful and healthy young dogs.
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